Short news

I was chatting with Pierre Délas from Kairn who had some news.
  • Here is an interview Pierre did with Adam Ondra during the Youth World Championships at Valance. It's in French, but if you don't understand you can always use Google's language tools or something similar.
  • On the subject of Ondra, the day before the competition, he repeated Pierre Bollinger's Training day, 8c+, at Kronthal. The day after the competition, he did Long Road to Ruin, 8c+, in the Frankenjura.
  • Alizée Dufraisse has onsighted yet another 8a+ at Céüse while Mathieu Boyoud has done two 8c's.
  • In Wyoming, Vedauwoo (how do you come up with a name like that?) to be exact, Justin Edl has put up Home on the range a crack route that could be in the 8b+/c-range. This according to the Climbingnarc.
Photo: Justin Edl doing Home on the range, 8b+/c, by Rob Harder

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