3 x 9a

Nice climbing reports, 14 year old, Enzo Oddo has made the 3rd ascent of Toni Lamiche's San Ku Kaï, 9a, at Entraygues, last week. Enzo needed only four days!
Yesterday, PuntX, 9a, at "DeverLand", Gorges du Loup saw two repeats! First by Enzo Oddo (2nd 9a in two weeks) and then by Anatole Bosio (a Nice climber, 20
years old) after about 10 days of work from the middle of July.
Photo 1: Enzo Oddo doing San Ku Kaï, 9a, by Phil Maurel.
Photo 2: Anatole Bosio doing PuntX, 9a, by Phil Maurel

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