Manolo climbs hardest slab in the world

Maurizio "Manolo" Zanolla has climbed what he describes as the hardest slab in the world. Coming from him, who's not called "The Magician" for no good reason, saying that he's now explored a new dimension when it comes to vertical slab climbing, well... The holds must simply be damn small!
Manolo, who's now 51, has previously repeated routes like Bain de sang, 9a, Bimbaluna, 9a+, Thin ice, 8c, all in the same style, and he says this one is undoubtedly more demanding. He concludes your foot work must be "half decent", which must be a classic understatement. Brilliant!
So, the route. Eternit, 9a, at Baule in the Italian Dolomites, which is dead vertical is an extension to a route he did 19 years ago, O ce l?hai? o ne hai bisogno, 8b/+, which he deemed impossible at the time. Apparently he was wrong.
Full story with great photos on Planet Mountain.
Photo: Manolo courtesy of La Sportiva

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