Woods gaining momentum

Daniel Woods sending spree is picking up speed. Aided by an energy boost caused by the arrival of Mr Always Syked himself, Joey Kinder, who, together with Colette has joined Daniel and Courtney in the Gorges du Loup, Daniel swiftly (I don't know this for a fact, just guessing) dispatched Total eclatch, 8c+, and Quenelle trophy, 8c.
According to an eye witness Phil Maurel talked to, Daniel fell trying to clip the anchor on the previous try of Total..., ending up falling all the way to the ground!
The very steep and physical climbing should suit Joey, so watch this space and his blog, where I found these news by the way.
Ah, and, that's right: Bawsssseee, bawssssse, bawseeeee...
Photo: Daniel Woods sending Total eclatch, by Joey Kinder.

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