Filmtajm: The Sends

The Sends is a new DVD from, Shawn Boye (the man behind Swedish Meatballs), which takes us on a journey through Sweden, following some of the country's best climbers. We get to see hard bouldering around Stockholm, Västervik, Bohuslän and on Åland/Ahvenmaa, Deep Water Soloing and trad climbing on the West coast and Shallow Water Soloing from Stockholm. Last, but by no means least, we get to watch Björn Strömberg's epic struggle, as in 120+ tries, when he attempts to make the FA of Leroy, a super steep route in Bohuslän.

So, how do I like it?
I really like the fact that it doesn't feel like you've seen it before. It feels new and fresh. These guys aren't mutants like Sharma or Ondra, operating on a super human level, but simply really good climbers. I think this makes it easier for most of us to relate to our own climbing.
True, Shawn doesn't have the resources Big Up-productions has, but it doesn't really matter. The Sends made me psyched to go out there and try harder, and in my world, that's one of the major reasons I watch climbing movies in the first place.

To make the next DVD even better, I have two suggestions:
- I'd like to see more of the surroundings where the climbing takes place. Aerial views from cranes, trees, or from the top of the crag perhaps?
- Maybe a bit less philosophy?

All in all, I think it's definitely worth watching, and the good thing is, it's in English, so what are you waiting for? Here is where you buy it.

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