Le Toit de Ben - Quebec 1958Fri Night Vid

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This week's Friday Night Video whisks us back to Val-David, Quebec, in the Autumn of 1958. Two daring young climbers embark on the ascent of a route that seemed unattainable, resembling a roof suspended in the air, defying all the conventions of the time. It only takes one attempt for the lead climber to leave his mark: henceforth known as "Le Toit de Ben".

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6 May

Brilliant! Really enjoyed that.

6 May

Great story and really well told.

7 May

I was staying in Val-David when covid lockdowns happened and we weren't allowed to leave for two weeks. We had the whole sunny forest to ourselves except for a few locals out hiking through the snow. Glorious!

Totally recommend it as a summer or autumn destination - hundreds of trad and sports routes, plus lots of quality bouldering, stunning scenery, and only an hours drive from the party city of Montreal.

15 May

Absolutely loved it. And the retro feel to boot!

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