An American hero

The French have been active lately with lots of sends. Durif, Dufraisse, Pouvreau, Thévenet, Pinet and so on. So, you think, what's the US response gonna be?
As usual, there can be only one. One lone hero. Rambo, Rocky, Bauer, Callahan, Bourne... Walker, and now, Jonathan Siegrist. During a two week stint in the Red river Gorge, Kentucky, he's collected more sends than all of the French team combined. This guy could probably hold his own against an 11 year old Adam Ondra!
The climbingnarc has compiled a ticklist which I'm more than happy to steal and translate:
  • Lucifer (8c+, 5th try)
  • Southern Smoke (8c+, 3rd try)
  • 50 Words For Pump (8c+, 5th try)
  • Thanatopsis (8c, 3rd try)
  • God?s Own Stone (8b+, Flash)
  • Cherry Red (8b+, 3rd try)
  • Omaha Beach (8b+, Flash)
  • Swingline (8b, 2nd try)
  • True Love (8b, 2nd try)
  • Ultra Perm (8b)
  • Black Gold (8a+, Onsight)
  • Pushing Up Daisies (8a+, Onsight)
  • The Madness (8a+, Onsight)
  • Golden Boy (8a, Onsight)
  • Cut Throat (8a, Flash)
  • The Return Of Darth Maul (8a, Onsight)
  • Paradise Lost (8a, Onsight)
  • The Castle Has Fallen (8a, 2nd try)
  • Dracula (8a, Onsight)
  • BOHICA (8a, Onsight)
  • Elephant Man (8a, 2nd try)
  • Triple Sec (7c+, Onsight)
  • Snooker (7c+, Onsight)
  • Convicted (7c+, 1st try)
  • Skin Boat (7c+, 1st try)
  • The Force (7c+, Onsight)
  • Prometheus Unbound (7c+, Onsight)
  • Jesus Wept (7c, Onsight)
  • Peace Frog (7c, Onsight)
  • Mind Meld (7c, Onsight)
  • 8 Ball (7c, Onsight)
But where is Dog leg, the most coveted tick of them all, I wonder?
With a few days left of his stay, I'm guessing he's heading to the Chocolate factory to try get a second ascent of the Red's grand price Adam Taylor's Golden ticket.
Photo: Jonathan Siegrist on 50 words for pump, by Brian Goldstone.

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