There's not only one French kid

I guess it doesn't come as a surprise there are plenty of strong French kids, but this doesn't make it any less impressive, does it?
During a trip to Spain, Geoffray de Flaugergues (Phil Maurel tried to teach me how to pronounce that...) and Laura "Lolo" Michelard, 14 and 15 years young, showed what they're made of.
Geoffray, needed a total of five tries to do Combifetis, 8c, in
the popular (among the super strong) Raco de la finestra sector at Margalef. In the same sector Lolo did El fustigator, 8a+, in four tries, and flashed an 8a.
Photos: Geoffray and Lolo in action at Margalef, courtesy of Savoie climbing

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