Dani on vacation

Dani Andrada, best known as La Machina, usually spends his days finding, bolting and making FAs of new lines in various caves in Cataluña. But sometimes he leaves his caves, puts on plain clothes and walks the streets like an ordinary man. Recently, he went to Mallorca on "vacation", and although he couldn't keep himself from making the odd FA, this was a chance to work on his onsighting skills. Here are the ticklist after 7 days of climbing at El Museo, Es burga and Pertxas

No money no fan, 8b/+, r1 flash r2 8b+ FA
Rollito palanka extensión, 8c/+
Rock cowboy, 8b/+ FA
Techo en el Museo, 8b+
Quart r1, 8a+, onsight
Guardian del museo, 8a+, onsight
Seresade, 8a+, onsight
Cleptaropa, 8a+/8a, FA, onsight
Belleza oculta, 8a, onsight
Progresi r1, 8a, onsight
Photo: Dani doing what he does best, possibly at Mallorca, from his blog.

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