Hey Kevin, Björn here from TheLowDown. Are you finished with El Cap for this season? Getting too cold I guess...
yes, we finished the season about two weeks ago
going back in march
Cool, I saw you've almost done every single move now and the crazy dyno! Did you both do it?
yes, the dyno has been done
not so bad once you learn it
it's the moves above it that are the crux
really? it looked utterly impossible.If that's not the crux... what does the crux look like? Do you think it will be possible to link the whole thing in one push? Is that even a goal at this point?
sorry, this is not an interview... just getting all excited ;)
there are three crux pitches, all very solid 5.14. the goal is a push from the ground, probably over a week's time
and the three 5.14 pitches are back to back to back
i'm happy to do an interview if you want to email me some questions
i get psyched talking about it!
such an amazing route
cool. I wish you luck! When it goes it will be one of THE milestones in climbing history. And I will email you some questions! This is SO new school!
it is very futuristic
i agree
Quite different compared to the UK!
its hard to imagine it being possible, but it IS
very different

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