Ondra flashes Confessions, 8B+!

According to Czech film maker, Petr Pavlí?ek, Adam Ondra has flashed Dave Graham's Confessions, 8B+, at Cresciano, Switzerland,for its 7th(?) ascent (Graham, Hukkataival, Keller, Woods, Page, Caminati,Ondra). He goes on to say he has also "...done many other 8A+ - 8B+ last days. Amazing day. The footage for our new long-term movie about Adam is getting pretty strong even in the bouldering part:-)". 
This is the first flash of a confirmed 8B+ ever.
I'm currently trying to get a hold of Petr to find out more details. Stay tuned!
Photo: Martin Keller doing Confessions, by Angela Wagner.

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