The lowdown on Neanderthal

I just had a chat with David Graham, who's snowed in with Jon Cardwell in Cataluña. He said they were all kinda laughing at the Neanderthal reports because they're all so off regarding the route. For example, a diagram of the route has been shown on one website. Just one minor detail: The route shown is La travesía de enmienda, ~8c+...
Neanderthal starts there, but goes more directly out the cave.
"The route is like a 9a (more or less) which is comprised of something like four 7C blocs on a row, very resitant, on pinches and kinda crack like features. There are some holds to shake on in between the last 7C and the crux which is this dyno. The dyno is a move from a crimp and a two finger pocket to a sloper brick. Then there is a jug after a couple more moves. The boulder must be 8A minimum.
Then there is a small rest, a small boulder, maybe 3 moves, not so hard, then a big rest. Then it is a maybe 8a+/8b route to the end of the cave, out another little bulge.
Thus the route is something like a 9a, to a 8A bloc, to a big rest, which makes solid 9a+ or easy 9b? Then about 8a+/8b route outro climb after a big rest in a break.
This is Neanderthal."
Dave says he hasn't tried it, but that he hopes to soon. The recap above was given to him by Tomas Mrazek and Chris. Chris also said it felt a lot better this year than last.
Dave and Jon will stay and climb with Chris for two more months, so provided it stops snowing, ever, we can expect things happening down there!

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