Bouldering in northern Portugal

I got an email today from Filipe Carvalho. He and his mates have launched a website to try and promote bouldering in Portugal, with the use of some photos and videos from the areas where they usually go bouldering, such as Pedra do Urso, located in Serra da Estrela and Corno de Bico, located in Paredes de Coura. My guess is these areas aren't too far from Porto, as this is where Filipe lives. On rest days, I can highly recommend the city, especially if you, like I, are a fan of fine Port! If you're more into hard core bouldering, they've got problems as hard as 8B+! The website is called Nortebouldering. Here's a video I found there.

Área 32 - Teaser 2 - from NorteBouldering on Vimeo.

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