FRI NIGHT VID: Canadian Ice VS Welsh Ice

The UK has been swept by a monster freeze, resulting in superb ice climbing conditions.

Unfortunately it now seems to be swept by a monster thaw and the hills are awash with melt water!

To continue the icy theme just a little longer we have two videos - one all the way from Canada with a climbers eye view of some super steep ice and another by UKC user vincentvega of his recent climbing exploits in Cwm Idwal, North Wales.

As I type this the icefalls in Wales are running with water but some of them are just hanging in there. Whilst not in climbable condition (a canoe might be more appropriate than an ice-axe) if it freezes again soon all might not be lost (yeah right!).

VIDEO: Canadian Ice Climbing

VIDEO: Cwm Idwal Ice from Vincentvega.

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