The great escape or What happens in Vegas...

When the weather turned bad in Arkansas, Paul Robinson made an escape into the, for him, unknown. The Red Rocks of Nevada, close to Sin City. It turned out to be a strike of genious. For a guy with Paul's ability, the potential for first ascents is huge, and after repeating some of the established testpieces, he has began to dig in. A couple of days ago, he put up The grand hustle, 8B, "an amazing crimper boulder, 12 moves up a beautiful brown wall". Next up is a project he found, a tiger striped arête in the ~8C range. Having done all the moves but one, and with 3 days left, it could go. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Video on DPM soon, including Lost in the hood.
Here's a video with Paul sending Woodgrain grippin' and more before the weather turned bad.

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