The next level in bouldering?

Super hard boulder problems tend to be long or even longer. That's why I got all excited when Chad Greedy told me about "The super project" in Boulder Canyon. This 8 move problem in ~50 degree terrain has spat off everyone with the effortlessness. We're talking about a possible V16/8C+ power problem here.
Until now, no one has been close. Until now I say. Enter DW, Daniel Woods. Chad says he's closer than anyone has ever been.
Daniel says it's the hardest thing he's ever touched. He admits he's done all the moves and is starting to link, and today they're going out there inspite of freezing conditions and tons of snow. Because they're syked!
When this one goes down, it's a milestone for sure. A major event. Here's a video by Chad.

the supa project of boulder canyon from chad greedy on Vimeo.

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