Adam sets the record straight

Facts and rumours about what Adam Ondra did in Cataluña got a bit confusing... 8c+ onsight? 9a first go? To get things right, I asked the man himself:
Oh yeah, that is a complete misunderstanding. I did it first go in a way, but I knew all the moves in Fabela from the other routes: Open Your Mind (the same 8a-ish start), Fabelita (the same start and middle) and the Cachasa project, around 9a+, that I tried 2 days which has the same finish as Fabela (the crux of Fabela itself). Thus I had climbed every single move before! I shouldn't have typed "first go" on my scorecard, it was too confusing. After the anchor I climbed about 10 meters that I had climbed before (8a maximum) and then the same end as Enmienda on pretty soaked holds that I have climbed 2 years ago.
I knew he'd been trying Golpe de Estado, so I also asked him about that.
Yes, I tried Golpe de Estado and I hope to come back for soon.
I am not sure if I want to try First round... or Demencia senil. For sure not Demencia senil where I injured my tendon a little and thus I had to give up in Golpe de Estado. Now I am taking rest to heal my tendon properly.
Thanks a lot for clearing things up Adam, and let's hope for a speedy recovery!

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