Ambrosia repeated by Honnold

Alex Honnold has made the 2nd ascent of Kevin Jorgeson's ultra highball/solo Ambrosia at the Buttermilks, Bishop. Alex calls it 8A and says he used a new easier sequence, but to simply call in an 8A boulder doesn't even begin to tell the whole story of this epic ~45' climb, first done by Kevin in January of last year. Awesome effort from Alex! I'll try to get in touch with him for a comment.
According to Kevin (red t-shirt), who was there spotting (not sure if that's such a good idea after a certain point), Alex was "slow and steady all the way".
Source: Bishop bouldering where you can find the whole story.
Photo: Alex Honnold making the 2nd ascent of Ambrosia, by Wills Young.

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