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Yuri, from Escalada café reports:
Felipe Camargo did the FA of Itaipava V12, at São Bento do Sapucaí, São Paulo, and now he is preparing himself for The North Face Bouldering Master that will take place in Chile, next week. Even though he has an sprained ankle, he will compete along other favorite climbers like Brazilian climbing champion Cesar Grosso, american Alex Honnold and Chilean bouldering champion Jesús Gonzalez.
[This explains why Alex has been focusing so much on bouldering lately ;)]
- Raquel Guilhon did the second 8a+ female ascent in Brazil. The route is called Religare and it's at Primatas, Rio de Janeiro. The first female Brazilian to do an 8a+ was Luciana Di Franco with Crux com Filezão at Barrinha, also in Rio, in 2006
Photo: Raquel Guilhon on Religare, by Ricardo Cosme

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