Daniel Woods - The Game - Font 8C+

Daniel Woods
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American climber Daniel Woods has ticked the long standing Boulder Canyon project to give The Game, for which he has proposed a grade of Font 8C+/V16.

Quoted on the BigUp website Woods said:

"I worked on it at least 17 days over two years. Compared to Terremer and Jade, this is definitely another level."

BigUp Productions captured the ascent on film and will be releasing it for the Reel Rock Tour in the US.

If the grade of Font 8C+ stands it will make The Game one of the world's hardest boulder problems.

Daniel Woods is currently on very strong form and in the last year has climbed multiple Font 8B+ boulder problems such as American Gangster and The Beach.

  • More info on the BigUp Website

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12 Feb, 2010
This is awesome but I'd like him to have a go at some of Gaskins problems. Il Pirata may be > V15. Has he climbed in the UK?
12 Feb, 2010
Whats he ever done at Woodwell?
12 Feb, 2010
No he hasn't climbed in the UK. The boy's a machine.
2 Mar, 2010
Harder than Jade it may be but so's Johnny G's Pillbox thing according to Ty.And Nalle sent Jade in about 10 goes.Seems to me these young Americans couldn't grade flour.Woods aint a machine,sure he's good but he aint no Nalle.And Nalle aint no Gaskins-now THERE'S a machine....