DW climbs The Game, 8C+!


It's done! Daniel Woods has finally done the long standing Boulder canyon super project. The Game has around 8 brick hard moves in steep terrain, making it very short compared to most other top end problems. At 8C+ this is a strong candidate for the hardest boulder problem in the world. The only problem I can think of that would compare is The Gaskins' Shadow play.
"I worked on it at least 17 days over two years," he said. "Compared to Terremer and Jade, this is definitely another level."
My source, Big Up, had some guys (Cedar Wright and ?) there filming the FA and the footage will be part of a short they are producing for the Reel Rock tour this year.
When talking to DW the other day, he said he was super psyched and couldn't wait for the snow to disappear. Apparently it did, and he delivered as promised. I'll try to get a hold of the man asap, so when you see this Daniel, please drop me a line.
Photo 1: Daniel Woods on The Game, Boulder canyon, by Cedar Wright
Photo 2: Straight from the future, here's Daniel sending Desperanza, Hueco Tanks. This will happen in two weeks or so ;)

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