King of da Caillasse II - review

I've had the opportunity to watch King of da Caillasse II from Team Les Collets production. It features climbers such as Gérôme Pouvreau, Toni Lamiche, Jérome Meyer, Loic Gaidioz and more, climbing and bouldering in some of the more or less known, but by no means more or less good, areas in or near France, such as Tralenta, Sainte-Victoire, Santa Gadea (Spain), Ailefroide, Verdon...
After watching for a while, I must admit was a little bit disappointed, because I found it hard to relate when I didn't know the difficulty of the problems climbed... but then I realized it was I who was narrow minded, and this wasn't important, and neither was it important who the climbers were.
This is a movie trying to portray the various climbing areas and the spririt of climbing. It's about enjoying nature and the process of climbing, not about outdoor "competition". Sure the boulder problems are hard and the climbers are well known and strong, but the concept would have worked just as well if they weren't (although fewer copies would be sold).
Where other climbing movies make me want to get out there and pull till I bleed, King of da Caillasse makes me want to go out there and simply enjoy all the aspects of climbing.
I like that, and I think we need a little of both worlds.

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