The Cataluña report (updated)

Conditions were perfect yesterday at the Cataluña crags. There was nothing good on TV... conditions were perfect. Tom Bolger took advantage of this and climbed Fuck the system at Santa Linya, for his 2nd 9a in three days. How many Brits have climbed more than one 9a? Stevie Mac of course, Rich Simpson.... anyone else? Brilliant effort!
Also at Santa Linya, Dani Andrada has repeated both Open your mind direct, 9a+, (last week) and Ciudad des dios, 9a/+.
At Oliana, Daila Ojeda climbed Fish eye, 8c, her first of the grade, while Dave G got closer on Papichulo, one hanging it after having warmed up(!) with a quick ascent of El gran blau, 8c. Nalle, who's built up to an alarming level of endurance, did Full equipe, 8c, and China crisis, 8b+. No worries though, he hasn't lost it entirely and is well syked on bouldering again now.
Sources: Andoni Perez and Daila Ojeda
Photo: The players celebrating, stolen from Daila's blog

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