Another 2nd ascent from Iker Pou

Iker Pou seems to be making a bit of a habit out of making the 2nd ascents of hard routes at Margalef. This time it was Victimas Perez', 9a, in the Racó de la finesta-sector, time to surrender. Iker says he's very happy with the ascent. Though it was bolted by Sharma, Andrada and Jimenez, the FA was made by Ramonet. Andoni Perez (not to be confused with the route itself) also reports, Iker got loads of equipment stolen from a project he's working at the moment. A crappy old rope (only good for a dog leash), but also a lot of quickdraws... Very strange, but according to Climb in Spain, it's not the first time stuff has been stolen there, so watch out.
Photos: Iker on Victimas Perez, by Maria Torres
Thanks Ese!

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