It will go!

I had a brief chat with Kevin Jorgeson. Currently he and Tommy Caldwell are resting down in the valley, waiting out a storm, but he says things are moving along according to plan. Before this session on the wall, there were still a few pitches for which they hadn't checked the free climbing possibilities, and even though there are still some 10 meters left, it can now be said with some certainty:
It will go! Mescalito will go free.
Now it's a matter of becoming fit enough: "It's funny. I can do all the hard bouldery pitches no problem but struggle on the mega long pitches and Tommy is the opposite. So, we're essentially doing the opposite training. I'm going to be sport climbing a bunch and he's going to be bouldering a bunch."
The plan is to climb the route in a single 6-8 day push. Hopefully during the fall autumn season.

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