New 8c in Brazil

Pedro Hauck reports: A new project in Rio has seen its first ascent by Lucas Marques. The name of the route is Transmazônica Sem Fim. Trans Amazonia is the name of a road in the Amazon jungle and Sem Fim means without end.
The new line is a combination of two existing routes, Transamazônica and História Sem Fim, adding up to a total of more than 100 moves. This route is located at Campo Escola 2000 in the Tijuca National Park in Rio. If confirmed, this could be the 2nd 8c in Brazil, after Disciplina não ter Jedi não será, at Gruta da Terceira Légua in Caxias do Sul, done by Vini Tordera in 2006. But this one needs confirmation as well, so, who knows?

Here's a video I found on Alta montanha

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