Outdoors Show Report and SkyMasters Results

Ben Bransby  © Jack Geldard
Ben Bransby
© Jack Geldard

Naomi Buys racing her way to 6th place  © Jack Geldard
Naomi Buys racing her way to 6th place
© Jack Geldard
Last weekend saw the Outdoors Show at the NEC in Birmingham. The show is a collection of stands, events, lectures and have-a-go walls, with a bucket full of bargain gear being sold off.

The main event from a climbing point if view is of course the SkyMasters competition organised by X1 Sports.

This year saw a strong field of competitors with a few visitors from abroad also taking part. Saturday was qualifying day and each competitor climbed twice, with their combined time deciding who would qualify for the head to head climb-offs on Sunday.

16 men and 8 women got through to Sunday's event, and the speed increased to a lightning pace.

  • The winners were: Shauna Coxsey and Robert McKenzie.

(The full results list from Sunday's climbers are listed below)

Climbing stands were out numbered by more general outdoor stands, but there were a few climbing specific brands out in force. Both Beacon Climbing and King Kong were selling holds and finger boards. The DMM stand was the climbing focal point, right next to the SkyMasters competition wall and the BMC had a stand making their voice heard to the thousands of visitors.

Leo Houlding and Joe Simpson were amongst the "celebs" giving lectures and Gaz Parry gave some master-classes on the Friday.

Rob Lamey campus-ing his way to 11th place  © Jack Geldard
Rob Lamey campus-ing his way to 11th place
© Jack Geldard

Sunday's Semi Finals and Finals Overall Results

Women - Name Position Men - Name Position
Shauna Coxsey 1 Robert McKenzie 1
Katy Piddock 2 James Garden 2
Kitty Wallace 3 Adam Watson 3
Charlotte Garden 4 Dave Barrans 4
Catherine Whiteman 5 Gaz Parry 5
Naomi Buys 6 Jordan Buys 6
Alice Waterhouse 7 Dan Bradley 7
Susie Zitter 8 Mark Croxall 8
Ben Read 9
Jack Geldard 10
Rob Lamey 11
Robbie Phillips 12
Josh Farrell 13
Luke Tilley 13
Gav Symonds 13
Jonathan Field 13

PHOTOS: The Outdoors Show 2010

The DMM stand was busy all day with Dragon Cams taking pride of place.
© Jack Geldard

Funky new holds and volumes on the Beacon traversing Wall
© Jack Geldard

DMM and The Beacon ran a small traversing wall and AMI instructed on an artificial ice wall behind.
© Jack Geldard

Ben 'I'm' Slack doing his best Bruce Lee impression.
© Jack Geldard

Steve 'Market Trader' Mayers of The Beacon flogs his new fingerboards
© Jack Geldard

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30 Mar, 2010
Isn't Shauna Coxsey's surname spelled "Coxsey" rather than "Coxey"?
30 Mar, 2010
Yeah, and who is Katu Piddock? I'm pretty sure it's Katy. And it's Catherine Whiteman, not Waterman. At least Jack spelt his own name right!
30 Mar, 2010
Thanks guys - that results list came from the Skymasters team and is possibly due to illegible hand writing I would assume! Lactic acid and neat writing perhaps don't mix. I will correct now. Jack
30 Mar, 2010
I knew you'd blame it on Jez! ;o)
30 Mar, 2010
it's was spelt both ways to reduce the risk.