The Edge Junior Bouldering Comp - Results

The Winners!, 169 kb
The Winners!
© Tom Randall

Louis James in action on the bouldering wall, 160 kb
Louis James in action on the bouldering wall
© Tom Randall
For the last two years, Rab has teamed up with the Edge Climbing Centre in Sheffield to run a junior bouldering series during the winter.

The competition is especially run for kids in the 7-17 age group, with problems being set with their abilities (and height!) in mind. Each year the competition has become more furiously fought than the previous and the standard of the top juniors is really so inspiring that it's hard not to leave a competition day without being very psyched indeed.  

The 2009-2010 Series was no exception to this and entries were seen from as far a field as Burnley and Loughborough. There was even one international competitor all the way from Venezuela!  

All prizes for the series were kindly provided by the event sponsor Rab – we had everything from bags, to t-shirts to guide book covers. Well deserving podium places for the series went away with huge Rab kit bags, trophies and private coaching sessions with myself. 

Juniors to watch out for:

Having run these competitions for a few years and seen the quality of climbers that come up through these days, it is hard not to notice certain individuals. Of particular note in the boys category are Nathan Philips, Oli Grounsell and Jack Shaw. Both Nathan and Jack are, I'm sure, destined to be great boulderers. They've got loads of natural strength and a real eye for reading problems and moves very quickly. Oli is one of the best natural movers on rock I've seen for a number of years and I'm sure he'll also go far.

The middle age group in the girls (10-13) has 2 particular talents. Both Beth Hoyland and Ellissa Bryant was exceptional technique and have made massive progress in the last year or so. I'm in no doubt we'll soon see them cruising routes and boulder problems we'd be glad to redpoint! Also of note is Alice Waterhouse (also in the Britsh Junior Team) who reminds me very much of a younger Lucy Creamer – you can regularly see her climbing high 7s at local indoor walls with little effort.

Nathan Philips winner of the boys 14-17 category, 128 kb
Nathan Philips winner of the boys 14-17 category
© Tom Randall
Series results: 

Boys 7-9 

  1. Mark Alkins
  2. Felix James
  3. Thomas Phelps 

Girls 7-9 

  1. Rachael Parker
  2. Danielle Hoyland
  3. Abigail Rivett 

Boys 10-13 

  1. Jack Shaw
  2. Ben Lee
  3. James Waterhouse 

Girls 10-13 

  1. Ellissa Bryant
  2. Beth Hoyland
  3. Molly Bingle 

Boys 14-17 

  1. Nathan Philips
  2. Oli Grounsell
  3. Joseph Broadhead 

Girls 14-17 

  1. Alice Waterhouse
  2. Ailsa Graham
  3. Naomi Tilley 

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