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Alex Honnold and Ueli Steck - The Nose - El Cap Video

© Merk
El Cap from the meadows
  © Merk
El Cap from the meadows
© Merk
The dream-team of speed soloist Ueli Steck and trad specialist Alex Honnold have joined forces to attempt to break the speed record on The Nose on El Cap, Yosemite.

The pair, both world class climbers, will attempt to beat the previous record set by Yuji Hirayama and Hans Florine. The record time, an astonishing 2:37, was set back in 2008.

On their first 'training run', just hours after meeting for the first time, Honnold and Steck climbed the route in 4:40 and the following day they climbed it in 4:20.

"We met each other for the first time at the El Cap Meadows. Alex is full of beans. If I would not know what he has already climbed in his life, I would think he is a normal, motivated climber. Alex is 24 years old and has climbed the most wildest things." commented Ueli on his blog.

You can see more info about their first run on elcapreport.com (scroll to the bottom).

You can read Ueli's thoughts on how they are progressing on his blog.

The video below shows Honnold and Steck doing the King Swing pendulum. The climbers to the left are on the Jardine Traverse, which avoids the King Swing and is a popular variation.

VIDEO: Steck and Honnold Speed climbing The Nose

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25 May, 2010
2.37hrs..... just blows the find when you see pictures of the thing and read about advice about allowing x number of days.
25 May, 2010
Bizarre (but great) video. The team on the left are flying too! Chris
25 May, 2010
Impressive, but it does leave me wondering why the hell? Surely their talents/time could be put to better use, but each to there own.
25 May, 2010
"Surely their talents/time could be put to better use" Ueli - the fastest steeplejack in the west?
25 May, 2010
So they're aid climbing it? What's the point?
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