BMC British Bouldering Comp This Weekend

Over a hundred climbers have registered for this year's BMC British Bouldering Championships (BBC) to be held this weekend in Millhouses Park, Abbeydale, Sheffield (S7 2QQ).

The BBC's are over two days and are being held in the same marquee and competition wall as the following weekend's Bouldering World Cup being held at the Cliffhanger Festival.

The Junior Male and Female categories are being held on Saturday. Registration is at 8am, qualification starts at 0930 and finishes at 1400. Finals will start at 1600 and will finish at 1800. This is repeated for the Senior Male and Female categories on Sunday.

The reigning national champions are:

Senior Male: Ned Feehally
Senior Female: Leah Crane
Junior Male: Jonathan Stocking
Junior Female: Shauna Coxsey

Rob Adie the BMC's Climbing Walls & Competitions Officer told us that it is not too late to enter if you want to have a go.

If you are in the area why not drop by and give the UK's competition climbers some support.

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26 Jun, 2010
I'm slightly surprised this wasn't mentioned a bit sooner...
26 Jun, 2010
Agreed. I know that on my part, the championships at Cliffhanger overshadowed ( by more active publiclity) this competition. That they are taking place a week apart from each other in the same location, has admittedly confused me as a mere casual observer of what's going on. When I see something mentioning "bouldering comp at Sheffield in July", I think "Cliffhanger".
26 Jun, 2010
hang on, so was it the BBC's at Cliffhanger last year but this year they're stepping it up the World Cup? I wonder how England vs Germany and the good weather will affect the BBC attendance? Will
26 Jun, 2010
It has been publicised both at the BMC website and at, prior to this news item. Also check out the excellent BMC Comp mag, Psyched! were it was publicised. I first reported on the BBC's in May The World's Bouldering Elite In Sheffield Then again BMC Bouldering Comp --- Sign Up: 07/Jun/2010 They have been mentioned several times in Cliffhanger reports at UKC, as well as this news report. Mick
26 Jun, 2010
Lots of competition news here.. And many of these news items are on the BMC feed on the UKC New page As well as on the BMC and UKC Facebook News Feeds. M
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