Dumbarton Buzzing - New Problems

Alex Gorham on the final moves of his new line, Thoroughbred, 164 kb
Alex Gorham on the final moves of his new line, Thoroughbred
© Jen Randall

Jen Randall reports on the current buzz around Dumbarton:

So far this season at Dumbarton Rock, a storm of new lines and hard ascents have been put up by a group of strong young bucks, following in the footsteps of local legends Malcolm Smith and Dave MacLeod.

While these new lines include sport routes, the majority are boulder problems, all on one block. Another factor they have in common? They are very hard, generally linking the cruxes of already testing problems.

New lines include:

  • Malkied, (Font 7C), Chris Houston
  • Nice And Sleazy (Font 7C+) , Will Atkinson
  • Glasgow Kiss (Font 7C+), Will Atkinson

Most recently put up and the hardest line on the face so far is a link of Nice and Sleazy into the crux of Malkied, creating Thoroughbred (pictured above), as yet unrepeated but guessed to be around Font 8a, put up by Alex Gorham.

I'd get down there while there's still some mojo to be absorbed!

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