TUZGLE movie

Two years ago Julien Nadiras went to Argentina to explore a new climbing site, resulting in the movie Tuzgle, which is now available in HD for €5 on his website: Baraka films

You can check the website in English and also the teaser. The Tuzgle movie can be uploaded also with English subtitles.

Synopsis of TUZGLE

In November 2008, the Swiss climber Nina Caprez, accompanied by a team of nine French guys, went to explore a new climbing spot in Argentina; a 14000 feet high altiplano at the base of the Tuzgle volcano. The movie follows the daily life of the group in this majestic unexplored area. By the days passing, they realise that this hostile environment, filled with untouched rocks, is even more breathtaking, than they could ever imagine. The biggest bouldering area in South America has finally been discovered...

Directed by : Julien Nadiras and Vladimir Cellier - 21 min

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