VIDEO: Dave Gater - New Mega Dynos + Skyler Weekes

British climber Dave Gater is on a European bouldering tour. Dave specialises in dynos and he has made a string of nifty first ascents on his tour so far.

Dave's friend and top climber Tom Peckitt gave us the low down:

"Dave is a very good climber but it is his ability to dyno which impresses me the most. Having watched him cruise many 8A dynos and the likes of Rainbow Rocket in Font, I don't think I have ever seen anyone more naturally talented at the one move wonder than him."

About a month ago whilst in Daone, Italy, Dave made the first ascent of a huge dyno, a leap of over 250cm.

He hasn't graded it but it is apparently further and harder than Rainbow Rocket (Font 8A) in Font.

VIDEO: New Dyno in Italy - 'Daone Asoar'

Dave has also bagged another first ascent, dubbed the 'Czech Chuck' - which looks to be even bigger than his Italian effort - see the video:

VIDEO: The Czech Chuck

Whilst on his tour Dave has bagged a few more dyno first ascents - one of them in the Austrian granite paradise of Zillertal.

Want more dyno footage?

The world record holder in the specialist field of indoor dynos is Skyler Weekes. Skyler was in Sheffield earlier in the year at Cliffhanger where he smashed his previous record jump.

And if you want to know why Skyler Weekes sees his life as 'one big dyno' and why he thinks dynos are one of the most extreme aspects of climbing - 'there are no ropes' - then you can check out this video of the very tall climber sharing his 'philosophy' and leaping through the air.

VIDEO: Skyler Weekes - World Record Dyno

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