First 8c for Sasha

Sasha DiGiulian, who amazingly enough is still only 17, has done Welcome to Tijuana, 8c, at Rodellar, for her first of the grade.

This is the same route 12 year old Shawn Raboutou came frustratingly close to doing last week, falling off the last move twice...

I don't know if Sasha's boyfriend, Magnus Midtbø is getting nervous about who's the strongest climber in the "family", but just to be on the safe side, he repeated Ali-Hulk, 9a, in the Ali Baba-cave, and if she were to get any closer, he's got a plan for that too:

I still haven't finished what I first set my eyes on tho - Hopefully the next days I can do Ali hulk extension 9a+ and maybe even a sit start into it, graded 9b!

I don't think Sasha has finished anything either. After she did Philipe Cuisinere, 8b+, last week, she told me she hopes she can do some more hard routes, and that she'll take a year off and just climb once she's graduated next year. And who knows, maybe she'll settle down in Norway for a while.

Magnus and Sasha
© Sasha DiGiulian

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