l'Arcadémicien by Gabri

Gabriele Moroni is at Céüse, one of the places that is THE place to be during the summer months. The other day, he climbed the broken 8c, L'Arcadémicien for its 3rd post break ascent. He agrees with Alizée Dufraisse on that it's a bit harder now.

So what's next?

First on the agenda is an old Dave Graham project. To call it Dave's project might not be entirely fair to Dave however, says Gabri. I don't think he ever tried it seriously. But anyway, it's in the Berlin sector and is long and sustained, not so steep with small pockets all the way and very long run-outs. Very Berlin style.

David Lama came close a few years ago, but couldn't close the deal.

So what's next for Gabri? The lead world cup perhaps

Hell no! Too serious for me. I'm gonna do the Europeans in Innsbruck in September though.

One week to go at Céüse first. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.

Gabri Moroni
© Gabriele Moroni

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