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Things have been going down, or up rather, lately that I haven't had time to report:

Nina Caprez has repeated B.Peyronnard and Ph.Mussatto's 250m 8-pitch Ali Baba at Aiglun in southern France. With pitches of 8a, 8a, 7b+, 8a, 8a+, 8a/+ and 7b+, it's one of the hardest multi-pitches ever done by a woman. Other routes on that list are Ramirole, done by Florent Pinet and Yeah man done by Josune Bereziartu. Nina seconded Arnaud Petit on his ascent, came close to doing it a couple of times shortly after, went away for a while and then came back and finished it off.

Nina Caprez on Ali Baba
© Nina Caprez

Mathilde Brumagne has repeated White zombie, at Baltzola for her first 8c.

Tino Lois has repeated Supernowa, 9a, at Sierra de Guarra, for his third of the grade.

Carlo Traversi, who's having his best season ever by far, has made the 3rd ascent of Daniel Woods' The Exfoliator at The Wolverine land in RMNP. Originally suggested as a 8B+, Carlo is leaning more towards ~8B.

Felipe Camargo, who's also in the form of his young life, has put up what could be Brazil's first 8B+, the 23 move Into the wild at Ubatuba.

Sources: Kairn, Nina Caprez' blog and Belclimb

Here's a nice little vid from Chad Greedy, marketing Wolverine land.

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