Lucifer, 8c+, for Sasha Digiulian

Sasha Digiulian on Southern smoke, 8c+, 100 kb
Sasha Digiulian on Southern smoke, 8c+
© Magnus Midtbö

I don't know if she has made a deal with the Devil or something, but Sasha Digiulian just keeps crushing at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The latest victim to Sasha's force was Mike Doyle's Lucifer, 8c+ at The Purgatory.

Again, here's what Magnus Midtbö has to say: Another great day for Sasha, and for American climbing! After the rain stopped today, Sasha decided she wanted to give Lucifer a go! Yesterday she fell off the last really hard move on the route, which made waiting for the rain to stop even more unbearable. After warming up Sasha fell off the last hard move – just like yesterday. Though it seemed more like a warm up try.
Lucifer has a lot of sharp holds, and todays cold weather required more of a warm up than the other days. On her second try of the day her climbing looked a lot smoother... and she did it!!! Lucifer is a very short, bouldery route. The crux is like a V6 into a V10 boulder. Not a very “girly” route at all. Lucifer took Sasha exactly as many tries as Southern Smoke – 3 days/6 tries.

Truly amazing what this 18 year old is doing right now. It seems her climbing has suddenly reached a new level, much in the same way as another 18 year old's, Adam Ondra.

Sasha Digiulian is sponsored by Mad Rock, Petzl, Mountain Hardwear and Native eyewear

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