BMC National Disability Climbing Competition

The BMC National Disability Climbing Competition is organised by the BMC, Link4Life and Climb UK, Rochdale and will be on 8 May 2011 at Climb UK, Rochdale.

This is an event to provide disabled people with an opportunity to have a go at climbing in the competitive environment. It will be run in friendly surroundings with lots of experienced people on hand to assist. The aim is to have at least two more competitions of this type at walls across the UK this year.

Bouldering at Clmb Rochdale   © R & J Bradley
Bouldering at Clmb Rochdale
Richard Bradley, Nov 2005
© R & J Bradley

We also plan to use this and the other competitions as a basis for talent identification and selection for the first IFSC Para Climbing World Championships held at Arco, Italy from the 15-19 July 2011.

For more information on this event click here. The accommodation for all athletes and carers will be provided by the event organisers and there is the possibility of some funding to cover travel costs for participating athletes. So if you are interested in competing in Arco please get in contact, even if you can not make the competition in Rochdale by clicking here.

There will be three different categories:

  • Using Upper & Lower Limbs (any number)
  • Using upper limbs only
  • Using upper limbs only that have impairments

The competition will also be open to people with sensory impairments, people with learning disabilities and those on the autistic spectrum.

The competition will be run on a similar format to the BMC Youth Climbing Series. Competitors will have to climb three roped climbs and three boulder problems and will be given a score on each one dependant on height gained. The climber with the best score in each category will win.

There will also be a rope climbing category which will be based on speed; the fastest climber to climb to the top of the rope will be the winner.

Download an entry form

All entry forms must be returned to the BMC by Wednesday 4 May.

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21 Apr, 2011
fantastic I live miles away but I hope I can make it to watch and support.