VIDEO: Chris Sharma: First Round First Minute

Chris Sharma on First Round First Minute, in Margalef, Spain.
UKC News, Apr 2011
© Peter O'Donovan

On April 19, 2011, Chris Sharma made the first ascent of his longtime project First Round First Minute, in Margalef, Spain.

This 5 minute clip shows him trying the route last year. Adapted from the 2010 REEL ROCK Film Tour. Available at Big UP Productions and Sender Films websites. Filmed by Brett Lowell. Music by Swoop Swoop and Todayokay.

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21 Apr, 2011
In reply to UKC News: Will be interesting to hear more about it, hes worked on it more than on other routes? the grade the grade the grade haha
21 Apr, 2011
22 Apr, 2011
// . Bit of talk about the grade. Interesting he hasn't said 9b, which makes me think he probably thinks its harder, but is waiting for consensus.
22 Apr, 2011
// Chris says: it is not the hardest route route I have redpointed, but certainly my hardest experience. It is a problem of resistencia (power endurance?) (I tried Capella one day. It is very hard: bouldery, not resistance.) If he downgrades it to 6c I might have a go. The video I found extraordinarily beautiful, the movement.
22 Apr, 2011
That Mono makes me want to cry.
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