NEWSFLASH: E8 Onsight for James Pearson

James Pearson has reported on his blog that he is on his first trip to Pembroke and that he has onsighted the tough E6 6b From a Distance in Stennis Ford, and that he is hoping to attempt the E8 finish to that route - Point Blank (E8 6c).

We have heard, and now had confirmed by James, that he has succeeded on this route onsight.

We hope to have more info from James on this ascent soon.

In other Pembroke news, Neil Mawson reports on the Marmot Blog that he has headpointed the tough E8 San Simian at Hollow Caves Bay, Pembroke.

Commenting on the route, Neil said:

"I'd looked at it briefly about 5 years ago and thought it was amazing and well protected but really hard, probably F8a and not an easy one!

...Thankfully it went well and I topped out for the 4th ascent. Neil Gresham and Gav Symonds have DWS it after Charlie did it which is totally insane as the route's 25m and it hard all the way to the top!! Good effort guys!"

James Pearson on The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project Font 8A+, 139 kb
James Pearson on The Super-Tera-O-Mega Project Font 8A+
© Emi Moosburger
Neil Mawson on a recent trip to Pembroke, 196 kb
Neil Mawson on a recent trip to Pembroke
© Keith Sharples

You can keep up to date with James on his new website:

James Pearson is sponsored by Wild Country, Five Ten, The North Face, Adidas Eyewear

Neil Mawson is sponsored by Marmot, Zero-G Climbing, Five Ten and Climbing Technology

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