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Wild Country - New Friends

Released in 2016, Wild Country's New Friends are the result of several decades of refinement on the iconic original. Over the last year Simon Verspeak has thrashed them on a wide range of rock types. What's the verdict?

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Sport Quickdraws

In this group review we test sport climbing quickdraws from all the leading manufacturers, comparing them for key characteristics such as ease of handling, gate action, weight, length and price.

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Wild Country Clothing Range

Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks

Focus Helmet from Wild Country

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Wild Country Parthian and Meshuga

These two models of climbing shoes are an unconventional solution to bring about performance, but with the belief that precision does not necessarily rely on cramming your foot into very small climbing shoes. The innovative construction of the upper responds instantaneously when pressure is applied to the Michelin outsole. These two key elements of the shoe perform together in unison to compliment the biomechanics of the foot, redefining precision.

Wide Boyz Crack School in association with Wild Country tour dates announced

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