FRI NIGHT VID: Fontainebleau and Dorothea Karalus

Apparently 'everyone in the UK is going to Font' right now, so here at UKC towers we thought it would be a good day to pop some Font videos up for Friday Night.

Fontainebleau, or 'Font' as it is known, is one of the best bouldering areas in the world and is fairly accessible from the UK, being just a few hours south of Calais in France.

Quite an unusual mix of Font power and Font footwork required for this one!  © Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH
John Nightingale on Iceberg raccourci assis, Isatis © Paul Phillips

I thought this might also be a good opportunity to focus on Dorothea Karalus, a strong German climber who perhaps has gone under many Brit's radars.

Dorothea was born in 1985 and lives in Bayreuth in the Frankenjura in Germany. She has climbed up to Font 8B and has ticked around twenty boulder problems of Font 8A and above and is currently studying Bio-Chemistry at Bayreuth University.

In the following two Font based videos Dorothea climbs the super-thin slab of Duel at Cuisiniere and the sought after tick of Les Beaux Quartiers at Rocher de Bouligny.

VIDEO: Dorothea Karalus on Duel (8A)

VIDEO: Dorothea Karalus on Les Beaux Quartiers (8A)



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16 Apr, 2011
Good little videos. So nice to see 'normal' people climbing and so good to see Font - brings back so many amazing memories. Makes a nice change from all the nob-heads arguing about what constitutes news and whether something was top-roped or not.
17 Apr, 2011
too true - just got BACK from Font :)