Major New Bouldering Area in Lakes

Lakes based bouldering activist Greg Chapman reports on a large new bouldering area in the Duddon Valley, Cumbria:

"Over the last month or so myself and Andy Hebson, have been feverishly working out, cleaning up and documenting a previously unrecorded bouldering area in the Duddon Valley, in the western Lakes.

Greg Chapman on Pseudoscience - Font 7b - Duddon Valley  © Lakesbloc
Greg Chapman on Pseudoscience - Font 7b - Duddon Valley
© Lakesbloc

The climbing focuses on a collection of around 20 blocks situated either side of the large bridleway, which leaves Birks Bridge car park at the northern end of the valley and contours (in meandering fashion) up the southeast flanks of Harter Fell. Just over 60 problems have so far been recorded, across a spectrum of grades and styles, and the circuit now offers a highly usable and easy to navigate circuit of problems, with a handful of classics thrown in to boot.

As far as I'm aware none of the problems recorded by either myself or Andy, have been previously climbed, however, as always, if you know different let me know."

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Greg Chapman

"I have been climbing for over 20 years and in that time visited many of the world's premier climbing destinations; to boulder, sport, and trad climb. Whilst I love travelling and repeating classic lines,...

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26 Apr, 2011
this place looks wicked!!! i especially like the look of the Laser Quest Bloc. defiantly worth a visit. cheers for the topos :) sam
26 Apr, 2011
Well done Greg and a continued thank you for the beta, topo's and information at Lakesbloc, I will be visiting the Duddon Valley shortly!
26 Apr, 2011
Ha ha, at last someone is using their eyes and started seeing the THOUSANDS of outcrops all the way up the Duddon Valley. I have mentioned them before when people ask where they can take a beginner climbing for short single pitch stuff. Well Greg,while doing your bouldering,how about checking some of these easier boulders and outcrops and listing the ones suitable for beginners to toprope and learn to lead on as well?
26 Apr, 2011
I know you weren't having a go at him Sutty but I think Greg does enough already. His site and topos etc. are all un-paid work and very much appreciated by many people - me included.
26 Apr, 2011
I agree. Greg's contribution to Lakes bouldering is unrivalled, the lakesbloc website is in my opinion, the best website of its kind that I have come across in terms of providing free, regularly updated information and topos. I can understand that whilst there are extensive under developed small crags around that area that are plastered with numerous 10m severes, that Greg probably doesn't find them particularly motivating to produce a topo for considering the time it takes to put these things together. Just a guess though?
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