Pirmin Bertle repeats Jungle speed, 9a [video]

Pirmin Bertle  © Bertle coll.
Pirmin Bertle
© Bertle coll.

Pirmin Bertle has made the 3rd ascent of Daniel Jung's Jungle speed, 9a, in the La Capella sector at Siurana.

The meat of the route is the start where you have to solve two 7C+ boulder sequences in order to gain access to the rest of the route, which would weigh in around 8a+ or so in its own right.

This was Pirmin's 4th 9a in the last 12 months.

Here's an interview I made with him last year, and here's a video:

Pirmin Bertle is sponsored by: Scarpa

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4 Apr, 2011
Looks nails.
4 Apr, 2011
4 Apr, 2011
There are 6b's on Portland with smaller holds and moves similar to that. And no, I'm not joking! Looked great though, that's proper nails climbing, none of this swinging around on pockets and pinches and calling it 9b like in other videos.
4 Apr, 2011
Has anyone, ever, ever, in the whole history of climbing videos, found themselves saying to themselves as they watch, 'Ooh, I wish there'd been more of the bit where they walked to the crag.' Or indeed, 'Ooh, I wish there'd been more bits where they randomly speeded it up. And showed the same move several times over cut into the rest of the climb. I thought was really original and clever.' Mind you, it's nothing compared to that one of Maya Vidmar being narrated by her pet dog. jcm