FRI NIGHT VID: When E7 is V7

A short film by exploring the thin line between hi-ball bouldering and full-on soloing.

It features ascents, and some not-quite-asecnts, of Careless Torque (V11), Elm Street (V8),Sauvito (V8),Escondido (V9),Oedipus (V5),Narcissus (V6), The Mint 400 (V6), Shirley's Shining Temple (V8). All these problems/ are in the Peak area. The climbers are Ryan Pasquil, Neil Kershaw, Pete Whittaker, Katy Whittaker, James McHaffie and Dave Mason.

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8 Apr, 2011
its quite simple, mats to protect the ground is bouldering, mats to protect a fall is highball, an when you use mats in hope that your hips dont become your shoulders is soloing. simples !!
8 Apr, 2011
This Ryan Pasqual chap, we know he can climb pretty good but does he have to look so cool while doing it? It just takes the p*ss! Oh, and who are the Barnsley Virgins? Very intriguing.
8 Apr, 2011
Great vid.
8 Apr, 2011
What a good little video :)
8 Apr, 2011
Great stuff, like a mini and less scary consumed. Elm street lob was a fine ride
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