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Chris Webb-Parson warming up at Brudberget, Stockholm, 144 kb
Chris Webb-Parson warming up at Brudberget, Stockholm
© Björn Pohl

Here's a video showing Chris Webb-Parsons do what he does best. Crimping that is. This is no disadvantage on the problems he does in this video: Esperanza, 8B+, and The crown of Aragorn, 8B.

When it comes to pure crimping strength very few can match the currently Austrian based Australian. I witnessed this personally the other week when he visited Sweden.
On his last day here, with fingertips pinker than really pink stuff, he cruised two of Stockholm's crimpiest testpieces, Code red, 8A, first done by Klem Loskot back in 1999 and Street fame, a one move 8A put up by Swedish Australian Chris Ellis.

The other day, Chris Webb-parsons also did a super quick repeat of Andy Gullsten's Dark sakai, 8B, at Magic Wood, needing only three tries after nearly flashing it.

Chris Webb-Parsons is sponsored by: Evolv and Black Diamond and Moon Climbing

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