Ondra gets Overshadow [UPDATE]

Adam Ondra – tearing up the upper bulges of Overshadow (F9a+), Malham Cove, North Yorkshire © Keith Sharples
Adam Ondra – tearing up the upper bulges of Overshadow (F9a+), Malham Cove, North Yorkshire
© Keith Sharples

It took two trips and 7 days or so of effort, but now he's bagged it. Adam Ondra has made the second ascent of Stevie Mac's Overshadow at Malham.

From Steve's blog: "At last he repeated Overshadow and I think reckoned it was a hard 9a+. 7 days of effort confirmed what I always thought, it's just a hard route to do!"

Lately Adam has spoiled us all with 9b ascents in shorter time, so "hard 9a+" sounds quite reasonable.

After Overshadow, Adam moved on to another Stevie Mac creation, Rainshadow, for which he needed two days, calling it one of the best routes I've ever done and confirming its 9a grade. He also managed to onsight Bat route, 8c.

So what about Raven Tor?

I only tried Hubble last morning from 6 AM to 9 AM, coming very close despite climbing 4th day on, climbing past the first crux move twice (to match the undercuts), but being out of power in the second crux move (from undercut onto sloper).
Maybe next time?

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, Montura, La Sportiva, Beal and Hudy Sports

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17 May, 2011
I wonder if I could do any of the moves if they were in my local bouldering room
17 May, 2011
I think it's fantastic that he's done 9b's in quicker time. Well done Ste Mac!!! E
17 May, 2011
Long awaited news! Wonder what else he is going to get up to while hes here. Good for Ondra, good for Steve Mac, good for british climbing... good news all round!
17 May, 2011
I somewhat doubt it! Doing a move would require you to be able to pull on the holds (don't imagine many of us would have any more luck)
17 May, 2011
I think it's fabulous that the worlds best climber (on current form) comes to these shores not once, but twice to try the hardest thing we've got. And does it. And confirms the grade. And onsights some of our 'lesser' hard routes. Kudos to Adam for coming over and Steve for the inspiring efforts in putting up Overshadow. Andy F
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