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Felipe Camargo
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Felipe Camargo, the Brazilian #1, is on a 3 month trip to Europe. Lately, he's been hanging out at Rodellar, where he used Dani Andrada's link-up Ali-Hulk to get back into shape after a finger injury.

Felipe describes the route as a really powerfull roof, but at the same time really really need to use your feet well, with toe hooks and heel hooks all over the place...
and it's pretty much the link up of Ali Baba into Hulk, which people say its 8c into 8c, but for me it feels more like 8c+ into 8b+.

He continues: The cave is not the most beautiful place, but the climbing is really amazing. You need to use your whole body and be able to memorize all the foot moves...

After spending around two weeks on the route, and gradually getting back into shape, Felipe could finally do it.

Now, he will go to Margalef for a while and then to Frankenjura for a couple of weeks before heading back home.

Felipe Camargo is sponsored by: Evolv, Singing Rock, adrena and curtlo

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