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Following May's fatal rockfall accident on Cioch Direct, Sron na Ciche, reported here, the route remains in an unstable state. Skye Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) are recommending that climbers stay away until the affected area can be stabilised.

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Cioch Direct
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MRT members had hoped to inspect the Classic Rock route and attempt to remove remaining loose material from the affected area just below the crux chimney (pitch 3 as normally climbed) some days ago, but efforts so far have been hampered by poor weather.

This morning Team Leader Gerry Akroyd told us:

'We'll hopefully get at it this week, if the weather holds out. The main worry once the main block has been removed is what may come next. Removing the block might stabilise the route, or it might loosen other stuff.'

Meanwhile the advice is to steer clear of the route, and to exercise caution if gearing up below that part of the crag, and if climbing neighbouring lines such as Cioch Grooves that could in theory be affected by any rockfall bouncing down the slabs that characterise that section of Sron na Ciche.

We'll add further updates when we receive them.

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