Madiba in 15 min by Gullsten

Andy Gullsten on Madiba, Rocklands
© Jarmo Annunen

Andy Gullsten, the Finnish 19 year old that we seen more and more in the news lately, is in Rocklands, South Africa.
After a few days of getting used to the rock, by flashing the odd 8A and making quick work of others, he felt it was about time he put his steel fingers on something proper hard.
He decided to try Madiba, an 8B+ roof first climbed by Fred Nicole on Nelson Mandela's birthday back in 2003.

15 minutes later he had done it, figuring 8A+ was probably more appropriate...
Something tells me this is not necessarily true and that the young Finja is stronger than he thinks...

Source: Barrels & Tickmarks

Here's an already posted video of Andy in Fontainebleau:

Anthony Gullsten is sponsored by: Monkee clothing and La Sportiva

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